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Psychotherapy facilitates the change you need by developing your awareness and insight. However, looking into ourselves can feel scary and uncomfortable. Sometimes translating this insight into real time behavioural, emotional, interpersonal and psychological change requires some professional help. 


I work mainly with trauma, attachment disorders, communication, addictions and couples work. I am a certified Gottman Level 3 Couples Therapist and full member with EMDRAA. I am also trained in EFT, CBT, DBT and I use a psychodynamic and somatic framework. I am a full clinical member of PACFA (reg.22801) and I have worked with vulnerable and disadvantage groups in both public and private clinical and residential settings.

My own trauma resolution inspired me to help others. I believe we are wired for connection and love from birth but adverse experiences block that. Therapy isn't just about resolving the past. It's about reclaiming the self, freeing that part of me that was trapped in a painful loop of suffering. Good therapy is about freedom here and now; the freedom to live and love as I choose.


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"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."-Ralph Waldo Emerson